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Edleina Couture, founded by Edline Milfort in 2016, who is a fashion designer and personal stylist tailored to your taste, budget, and lifestyle. As a Personal Stylist and Designer Edline Milfort is here to help you look and feel your best every day, there is no "typical" client. Edline teaches her clients as she calls it Fashion Tips 101(necessary tools clients’ needs). Everyone has a story and their own unique perspective on what fashion and style means to them, and with that said, people are people and for the most part we all want to present ourselves as best.

From Styling some of the best clients in the world to launching my shapeware line. We’ve got the best waist cinchers, Shapware,butt enhancers, compression garments and waist trainers. Our Products is designed with high-quality materials and a high level workmanship. Each piece is designed to accentuate your curves and at the same time make you feel comfortable.

We believe all we women are beautiful and we want them to feel that way. We believe  in showing self-confidence every day. We believe that there is beauty in our body and we believe in innovating and growing to make better future. That is why we create our products with one purpose in mind: to provide confidence, comfort and beauty to all women with quality products, developed with the latest technologies in production and materials worldwide.

It's your time to take over the world!

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